What information do you leave for pet sitting?

In order to assure that we can give proper care to your pets on your behalf, as well as tend to their needs accordingly, Danny’s Pet Care would request you to accomplish a Client Contract and a Petsitting Form with the following information:

  • Your personal information (name, address, and contact details)
  • Your pet’s personal information and description (name, physical appearance, medical condition, their favorite toys)
  • Your veterinarian’s name and contact details
  • Any specific requests or instructions when it comes to handling your pet
  • Consent request to:
    • Give your pets treats
    • To take to your pet’s veterinarian in case of emergency

How much should I pay a dog sitter who stays overnight?

The price for hiring an overnight dog sitter ranges between $60 – $80, which will depend if you avail for an overnight of 16 hours or a whole 24 hours.

How much should I charge to pet sit for a week?

This depends on the type of service you are getting and for how many hours.  For instance, if you avail of a ½ hour Dog Walk weekly (which is equal to 7 days), you’ll need to set a budget of $140 since the base rate is $20. You can also have the option to avail of a customized service (available for cat sitting only at the moment) which you can discuss with Danny himself.

What skills do you need to be a pet sitter in Washington DC?

In order to become a successful pet sitter, you’re going to need to have the following traits:

  • Exemplary customer service skills
  • Patience and flexibility
  • Physically fit to keep up with the little furball’s energy
  • Organized with high attention to details

What should I know before dog sitting?

If you are going to look after a dog as a sitter, you need to be aware of the owner’s contact details in case of emergency, as well as the dog’s medical needs and backgrounds. It is advisable to be on the lookout for special instructions as well.

How much should I charge for dog sitting for 24 hours?

A dog sitting service for 24 hours costs about $80,

How much do you pay an overnight house sitter?

An overnight house sitter will range between $60 – $80.

Do you need insurance to be a dog sitter?

It is not required, but it is highly advised to have one!

What makes a great pet sitter?

First and foremost, a great pet sitter must have extreme love, care, and affection for our little furry friends. They must be able to form a connection where they can patiently understand a pet’s needs and wants, such as being able to determine when they’re hungry, wants to play, or go potty.

Moreover, a great pet sitter communicates with the pet’s owner such as by giving updates or letting them know of any emergency situations at the soonest time possible.

Do I pay my dog sitter before or after?

At Danny’s Pet Care, we offer an online booking service where you can pay directly as soon as it’s approved.

How much do you tip a pet sitter?

The usual rate for tipping a pet sitter ranges between 15% – 20% of the total bill.