As much as we love our furry friends, most of us are inevitably going to have to leave them at some point. In efforts to provide you with peace of mind while you’re away from your cat, we here at Danny’s Pet Care provide cat sitting visits.

Whether it be vacation, business trip, or special occasion, ensure that your kitty is safe and happy at home while you’re away with the use of our cat sitting service.

What we provide

We as pet lovers understand all the planning that goes into leaving your pets behind. Oftentimes, we find ourselves scrambling to find the closest neighbor, family, or friend who would be willing to check up on our animals while we’re away. In efforts to save you the hassle, cat sitting is a great service to utilize.

We here at Danny’s Pet Care want to provide your cat with all the love, attention, and care that you give them, while also ensuring their safety and wellbeing. While you’re away, a Danny’s Pet Care team member will come to your house and show your cat(s) some love. They will clean out the litter box and feed your cat(s), making sure those needs are met. They will also play with and entertain your cat (if your cat so chooses – we understand that our pets have their own personalities and dislikes). A team member can also brush your cat, if you (and them) would like. We can even bring in the mail if you’d like!  We also provide sthe great pet art for your home wall, it can be as a great gift for your family. Cherish you pets with custom pet portrait, add some personal touch to your home decoration. It’s easy! All you need is to pick your favorite photo(s) and send to us, and we’ll hand in the best piece of art to make you smile.

We here at Danny’s Pet Care take great pride in our ability to care for your animals as if they were ours. Whenever you’re in need of cat sitting services in the Washington DC area, reach out to us by call or email today!