If you are a first time dog owner, or are in need of tips on how to best care for your dog, then you have come to the right place.

Our furry friends are important to us, and we want to do our best in taking care of them. Here are some general dog care tips that every dog parents should know!


Depending on the breed of dog, it’s size and age, amongst other facts, the food they eat will vary. High-quality dry dog food gives adult dogs a well-balanced diet, and can be mixed with canned food, broth, or water. There are also some ‘human foods’ that are acceptable for dogs to eat, such as cooked eggs, some fruits (no grapes), vegetables, cottage cheese, fish, and meat. However, these ‘human foods’ should be in small quantities and not total more than 10% of your dogs food intake daily.


Exercise is a necessity for dogs. Although there are many factors, such as breed mix, age, level of health, and sex, that play a role in how active your dog is, every dog should engage in some level of activity. Exercise is beneficial for dogs because they use it as a way to not only stay healthy and burn calories, but also to stimulate their minds and avoid boredom. (Hint hint: boredom is often what leads dogs to engage in destructive behaviors) Be sure to get your dog moving and having fun everyday.


Keeping your dog groomed and cleaned is important. No one likes a stinky dog, but they unfortunately can’t help it – so that is where you come in. The rule of thumb for bathing is that you should wash your dog about once a month, unless they’re stinky or dirty. Over-bathing your dog can cause skin issues and can also be very uncomfortable for dogs. For routine maintenance, it is best to brush your dog frequently, as this reduces shedding. When the weather is nice and warm outside, be sure to diligently check for fleas and ticks in your dog’s coat. If your dog has long hair, be sure to comb out or cut any mats before bathing. Lastly, be sure to rinse all of the soap off, as dirt will stick to soap residue and make your life a bit more difficult.

Your dog is a member of your family, so treat them like one! Keep your doggo happy and healthy by following these tips.


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