We provide the best Pet Care services at the most competitive rates.

About our service

We offer 3 Main Services: Dog Walking, Dog Boarding and Cat Sitting Visit.

Each service provides your animal with unprecedented Pet Care.
Rest assured that your pet will be treated with amazing care and attention to detail.



Dog Walking

$18 for 1 dog (30 min)
$26 for 2 dogs (30 min)
$30 for 3 dogs (30 min)F
$12 for 1 dog (15 minutes)
Holliday walk ( $10 extra)
Weekend and after 5pm walks must schedule in advance ($7 extra)

Dog Boarding

(Minimum 2 days dog boarding in a home environment/ run free backyard)
all dogs must have all the vaccinations up-to-date
1 dog ($60 for 24 hours) ( 3 to 4 walks and playtime outdoors per day)
2 dogs ($90 for 24 hours) ( 3 to 4 walks and playtime outdoors per day)
1 dog over 100 lb ($80 for 24 hours)

Cat Sitting Visit

30 Minutes
(Litter Box Cleaning, Feeding, Playtime, Brushing)
$22 for one cat
Additional cat $3 extra
$5 extra for medication

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